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Remedy for the treatment of alcoholism

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A new tool for the treatment of alcoholism! Alkozeron - the capsules that are still blocked by an irresistible urge to drink.

It is important to know! Portugal is a country where Alkozeron available for sale only through the official website. Price* manufacturer's - 39 €.

For those who want to buy the capsules in Funchal, in the order form, indicate Your name and phone. The director called soon to advise you and arrange for delivery, to specify the conditions of delivery and other details.

* Works in all locations. Pay the mail or e-mail only to delivery the parcel.

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Remedy for the treatment of alcoholism Alkozeron - the capsule, which is quickly rid of the addiction and bring You back to normal!

It is important to know! Portugal is a country where, in the course of the past year have been discovered in the case of buying counterfeit products at the best price. Therefore, be careful. Order capsules original Alkozeron in Portugal, you can only under the order on our official website. Leave the application on the website via the order form, indicating the name and the telephone number, the operator will contact You to confirm the order for more details.

Work without a deposit! Is the payment of the order on the mail. To the exclusion of the price of the delivery - 39 €.

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How to make an order with delivery in Funchal

To order Alkozeron in Funchal You're looking for on our site. After the confirmation of your order, and already after a few days* You take the orders and pay only after the receipt of the mail.

The price for sending package may be different in the cities, are not included in the cost of the capsules, an additional charge at delivery.

* Funchal - the delivery is made within 2-3 working days.

User reviews Alkozeron in Funchal

  • Leonor
    To relax after a day of work, drank a glass every night. One day realized that, without it, can not and became addicted. Get to the clinic did not dare. The penis in line on the treatment options. On the forum heard alkozeron. After a few days of the receipt of alcohol became the twist. In addition to not drinking, I feel good!