The experience of using Alkozeron

Hi everyone! I'm Inge, I live in the beautiful city of Oslo. Married for 14 years. There are two wonderful children, a boy Simon and the girl of the Saga. Her husband is called Martin. Today, decided to share how I managed to deliver him from addiction to alcohol and to the preservation of our family.

experience in the treatment of alcoholism by the use of capsules

Tells about our bad experience, and mainly on the tool Alkozeronthat has helped her husband to stop drinking. Describe what it is the tool to take advantage of, so that the result is the most efficient way possible, and show the photo from the personal archives - as my husband was in the air when the peel and after it is thrown.

On the first picture, my husband to use Alkozeron.

The treatment of alcoholism - a personal experience

As I already wrote, the main thing, which allowed my husband and our family as a whole Alkozeron. Available in capsule form. Found this tool by chance. The girlfriend as someone told me that someone from his job as a time began to strongly of alcohol and he has contributed to these capsules. In general, I have looked on the internet for information about these capsules. It turned out on them, it really is a lot of positive comments on sites and forums. Many have reported that these capsules have helped, even those who have not helped, nor an expensive treatment in specialised clinics, or several techniques of psychologists. Decided to speak with her husband, has proposed this option. Reluctantly, but he agreed.

Tool for the treatment of alcoholism - where bought in capsules Alkozeron

Unfortunately, I discovered that we have in the country to buy Alkozeron you can't. Order only by the manufacturer. First of all, even sad. Because, these permanent alcohol of her husband, fed up beyond measure, and simply painful to look at it as suffer the children and as well-liked to ruin his life and his health. But then I learned that to make a very simple command, and that the delivery is quite fast. Placed an order via the official website. On the site to let your contacts, the name and the phone, after which, I called the director. Specified the conditions and the time of delivery (in Oslo a. already the third day after the order), with politeness and detail, answered all my questions, consulted how to use caps properly, so that the result is the more rapid and long lasting.

the treatment of alcohol dependence capsules Alkozeron - photo before and after

How to use the capsules - the results after the use

At the beginning of the husband accepted it, every day, two capsules (one in the morning and in the evening). The duration of this course was one month. After three days, the husband has confessed that, as the wanted to drink again, but just think of this felt disgust and a strong nausea. To me, it is, of course, happy. There was hope that these capsules really help and the husband will no longer drink. Tried to control it, so that he never missed a single reception. In a month, or even alcohol. Have decided to go to a psychiatrist and specialist in addiction to alcohol, consult - husband has not drank. The doctor has recommended to leave the reception Alkozeron over the following six months. The only thing to reduce the dosage. Take one capsule once in three days.

Now, after a year after the start of treatment of alcohol dependence, I finally calmed down and I hope that previous life, when every day, the husband of the alcohol and the steam on the entire house, we will not return. Also I hope that my story will be much useful and will help you to return to normal. Recommends the application of capsules Alkozeron as a quick and effective against alcoholism. To all I wish you health, happiness and well-being of a family!

On the second photo, my husband not later than one year after the application Alkozeron.